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 APA receives 2012 Plimsoll Award for Commitment to Navigation Safety!

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"Quick Action By Harbor Pilot Kept Tanker Off Rocks", San Francisco Chronicle - January 2009
"Each Trip into Port is Unique (Virginia Pilots)", The Daily Press - October 2008
"A Career as a Ship Pilot", U.S.C.G. Proceedings - Fall 2008

OVERVIEW.  The American Pilots’ Association is the national association of the piloting profession. Its membership is made up of approximately 60 groups of state-licensed pilots, representing virtually all the state pilots in the country, as well as the three groups of United States-registered pilots operating in the Great Lakes. Pilots from APA-member groups pilot over 95 percent of all ocean-going vessels moving in United States waters. The national office for the American Pilots’ Association is located at the foot of Capitol Hill in the Fairchild Building, 499 South Capitol Street, SW, Suite 409, Washington, DC 20003. The President and APA staff work at the national headquarters.

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