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The American Pilots’ Association (APA), one of the country’s oldest trade associations, has been the national association for the piloting profession since 1884.  Virtually all of the more than 1,200 State-licensed pilots working in the 24 U.S. coastal States, as well as all of the U.S.-registered pilots operating in the Great Lakes system, belong to APA-member pilot groups. These pilots handle well over 90% of all large ocean-going vessels moving in international trade in U.S. waterways.  The role and official responsibility of these pilots is to protect the safety of navigation and the marine environment on the waters for which they are licensed.  The national office for the American Pilots’ Association is located at the foot of Capitol Hill in the Fairchild Building, 499 South Capitol Street, SW, Suite 409, Washington, DC 20003. The President and APA staff work at the national headquarters.

APA—Officers and Staff
President  Captain Jorge J. Viso
Vice President-North Atlantic Region Captain Eric A. Nielsen
Vice President-South Atlantic Region Captain W. Crayton Walters III
Vice President-Gulf Region (Louisiana) Captain Michael T.D. Miller
Vice President-Gulf Region Captain Clint A. Winegar
Vice President-Pacific States Region Captain Hans H. Antonsen
Vice President-Great Lakes Region Captain John R. Boyce
Secretary-Treasurer Captain Whit Smith
Executive Director-General Counsel Clayton L. "Clay" Diamond
Senior Counsel Paul G. Kirchner
Technology Director William R. Cairns
Operations Director Lisa P. Townshend
To E-mail Captain Viso:         JViso@americanpilots.org
To E-Mail Clay Diamond:        CDiamond@americanpilots.org
To E-Mail Paul Kirchner:       PKirchner@americanpilots.org
To E-Mail Bill Cairns:             BCairns@americanpilots.org
To E-Mail Lisa Townshend:     Lisa@americanpilots.org

Office Phone Number: (202) 484-0700