News Items of Interest

Pilots Prominently Featured in NOAA's 30 Anniversary PORTS Video, NOAA Public Affairs - July 2021
"Coastal Job: Maritime Pilot (Captain John DeCruz), Hakai Magazine - July 2021
"Piloting, Still an Exclusive Maritime Club, Hones an Educational Track", Professional Mariner - April 2021
"Maersk Issues Pilot Ladder / Trapdoor Arrangement Safety Alert" - February 2021


"When Your Mission is Guiding Ships Through Congested Waters" Tampa Bay Times - December 2020
"Coast Guard Publishes Pilot Ladder Safety Bulletin" - November 2020

"Associated Branch Pilots", Video - November 2020
"Lakes Pilots Association Receives AEU Safety Award", Video - November 2020

"How the Gatekeepers of $500 Million Tons of Cargo Power Through the Pandemic" Forbes - September 2020

"Port of Oakland Welcomes Welcomes Biggest Ship Ever: MSC Anna  Oakland News Now - April 2020

“Thank you Puget Sound Pilots” Video message from Rep. Rick Larsen - April 2020

"Bringing in the Comfort" The New Yorker - April 2020

"American Ship Pilots Sound Alarm on Dangerous 'Trapdoor" Arrangement" gCaptain, February 2020

"APA Urges State Pilot Commissions to Take Action on Dangerous Trap Doors", February 2020

"Charleston Harbor Pilot is the Hero of Georgia Cargo Ship Capsize" The Post & Courier - January 2020

 "Sandy Bendixen's Cool Job of Piloting Vessels on Puget Sound" The Seattle Times - October 2019
"Pilots' Association for the Bay & River Delaware: A Brief History" The Beacon (see page 5) - August 2019

"Those Who Serve: The Columbia River Bar Pilots" (Video) KGW8 - August 2019
"Little Pilot, Big Ships: Skill, experience guide harbor pilot as she navigates Tampa Bay 83Degrees - July 2019
"St. John's River Bar Pilots Have a Dangerous But Very Important Job" (Video) First Coast News - May 2019
"Captain Christopher Hoo: Averting Disaster on the River" (Video) Crescent River Port Pilots Association - May 2019

"Port Canveral Pilots Guide Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas" Space Coast Daily - November 2018
"Captain Casey Crawford, in a male-dominated industry, pilots ships" CRPPA News -November 2018

"Puget Sound Pilots Honored at Ceremony Marking 150 Years" Peninsula Daily News - June 2018 
"Ship Pilots Put Safety, Security of Texas Ports First" Texas Tribune - April 2018
"Canaveral Harbor Pilots Play Critical Role in Navigation Safety" Brevard Business News - April 2018
"The World Through the Eyes of a Jacksonville Bar Pilot" (Video) Jaxport - January 2018

"Flame-defying pilots receive Bravery Award" International Maritime Organization Magazine - Autumn 2017
"Tight squeeze: Bigger ships prompt calls to deepen and widen channels" Virginia Business - August 2017
"Two Houston Pilots Earn IMO 2017 Bravery at Sea Award" IMO Press Release - August 2017
"Container Ship, Under Pilotage, Transits Savannah River" (Video) The Martime Executive - July 2017
"Pilot Encourages Kids to Following in Her Wake" Houston Chronicle - March 2017

"The Dangerous Life of a Columbian River Bar Pilot" Oregon Public Broadcasting - October 2016
"Sense and Nonsense on Cruise Ship Bridges" Seaways Magazine - September 2016
"Pilots Guide Ships to Safe Harbor" Boys Life - July 2016
"How New York Harbor Pilots Master These Treacherous Waters" - May 2016
"Crew of Sunken Tugboat Rescued by Boston Harbor Pilots" - February 2016

"Astoria-Megler Bridge Helps Guide Pilots" Oregon Live - December 2015
"Michael Watson, Noted Leader of Piloting Profession, Dead at 72," Baltimore Sun - August 2015
"Captain Michael Watson, APA President, Dies at 72," Professional Mariner - August 2015
"Captain Peter McIsaac Named Acting APA President," Press Release - August 2015
"International Maritime Pilots' Association Honors Captain Watson," Resolution - July 2015
"Watson, 72, Maritime Pilot Leader, Advocate, Dies", Journal of Commerce - July 2015
"Pilots Have a Critical But Dangerous Mission" (Video), Florida Today - July 2015
"The Tricky Work of Guiding Tankers Into Boston Harbor," Boston Globe Magazine - June 2015

"West Coast Pilots: New Ships, Old Challenges," Pacific Maritime Magazine - December 2014
"Piloting Challenges for Neo-Panamax Ships on the Houston Ship Channel," Port Technology - September 2014
"Perils of Piloting: Civil Liability and Criminal Prosecution," Benedict's Maritime Bulletin - 3rd Quarter 2014
"The Apprentice - The Associated Branch Pilots" (Video) - September 2014
"Harbor Pilots Guide Container Ship into Port Everglades" Slide Show - September 2014
"Back to the Future for e-Navigation?", Pacific Maritime Magazine - March 2014
"Houston Pilots 2014" (Video) - February 2014

"Aransas Corpus Christi Pilots" (Video) - June 2013

"NOAA and APA Sign Agreement to Advance Safe Navigation", - NOAA Press Release - October 2012
"Working on the River: What it takes to become a pilot",- - August 2012
"IMPA Officials Speak Out on ISPO" - IMPA Press Release - February 2012

"Florida Harbor Pilots - Who We Are" (Video) - March 2011
"Pilotage" - U.S.C.G. Proceedings - Spring 2011

"Teamwork Halts Aleutian Ship Disaster", - December 2010
"Puget Sound Pilots Steer Big Ships With Bravery", Peninsula Daily News - July 2010
"More Harbor Pilots Carrying Laptops", Professional Mariner - May 2010
"INTERTANKO Signs Accord With Pilot Associations", Marine Log - May 2010
"In Houston Ship Channel, Pilots Exhibit Shiphandling Agility", Professional Mariner - February 2010

"Profile of Boston Harbor Pilots Association", WCVB Boston (Video) - December 2009
"Only Woman to Navigate Risky Columbia Bar", KGW Astoria (Video) - August 2009 
"Columbia River: Riding the High Water", Professional Mariner - February 2009
"Harbor Pilots in Tampa Bay" (Video), Tampa Bay On-Line - January 2009 
"Quick Action By Harbor Pilot Kept Tanker Off Rocks", San Francisco Chronicle - January 2009

"Each Trip into Port is Unique (Virginia Pilots)", The Daily Press - October 2008
"A Career as a Ship Pilot", U.S.C.G. Proceedings - Fall 2008